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Corporate Department

Administration and management of companies

Both in Switzerland and internationally, Figestor assists companies and associations of all sizes and types, from the moment they are formed and throughout their existence. After having carried out all the necessary steps for the creation of the company, we take care of all its administrative management. We are able to offer our clients a range of services aimed at managing companies and associations, namely accounting, tax declarations, ensuring all communications with the various public administrations (social insurance, tax) and payroll management.

We work for companies with commercial activities, asset holding companies - real estate, intangible assets (patents, licenses), participations (holding companies) and movable assets (yachts, aircrafts, works of art, commercial boats, etc.). We also act as trustees and are available to act as directors.

For this purpose, we hold the annual general meetings after the financial statements have been drawn up. Thus, thanks to the global offer that we are able to propose in view of the complementary competences that we have, we coordinate our different accounting, tax and legal services in the face of the numerous and varied solicitations that oblige the company towards third parties, be they state or private.

Consolidation of accounts and cost accounting

For groups and companies whose commercial activity generates complex accounting, our collaborators will be able to produce financial statements for consolidation and analytical accounting respectively, thanks to a specific computer programme.

International trade

For international trade companies, we are able to take care of all the procedures related to the incorporation of the company, which will be domiciled in our offices, as well as the complete administration of the commercial operations according to the instructions received from the client, from the signing of contracts or the placing of orders to the receipt or dispatch of the final payments, including, among other things, invoicing, the issuing or control and processing of documents. Naturally, we also take care of all the day-to-day instructions to the banks, cash management and accounting. 

As with other companies that place their trust in us, we produce all financial statements and maintain correspondence with the various authorities, executing all mandatory payments. In addition to the pursuit of impeccable efficiency, we are particularly concerned to offer our client an impeccable reputation.

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